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Darkdrifters: The Key and the Crescent (Digital)

Darkdrifters: The Key and the Crescent (Digital)

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A fantasy novel about dark horror and bright love, the power of imagination, and discovering self-worth.


Everything you have ever experienced has been just one reality. The prime reality. However, many more exist within the infinite realms of the Drift, throughout which the dreams of every living creature in the universe are interwoven.


For Poppy, a lonely young girl with severe narcolepsy, these myriad worlds are a cherished escape from her own. But that all changes when she meets a mysterious black cat and learns of the nightmares that dwell within the Drift. These nightmares are not just fleeting figments of horror, but a corrupting darkness that infests every realm they touch.


When the spread of nightmare threatens to overtake the Drift and infect dreamers in the prime reality, only Drifters like Poppy have the ability to hunt them down and slay them once and for all. But can Poppy truly stand up against the demons that threaten to destroy her reality...when those demons are her own?


Comes in .pdf, .mobi and .epub formats!

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