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A Drift Apart

A Drift Apart

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A short story collection with collaboration by Kickstarter backers.


Everything you have ever experienced has been just one reality. The Prime Reality. However, there exist many more realities within the infinite realms of the Drift, throughout which the dreams of every living creature in the universe are interwoven.

For Juniper Rosario, the Drift is a prison, a nightmarish gauntlet from which there can be no escape. And as a Drifter, their nightmare is not just a bad dream: it is a cunning and malicious creature, one that knows their every weakness, their every sin. Only by confronting and accepting the truth of this nightmare can June discover how to finally slay it. For Drifters live by a simple mantra:


Protect the Drift. Slay the Nightmare. Free the Mara. Do not go Dark.


Comes in .pdf, .mobi and .epub formats

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