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So I have a website now.

The last time I built a website, I was about 13 or so years old. It was a Pokémon website my Dad helped me create using basic HTML code, hosted on some ancient website hosting service (Geocities? Angel Fire? Something like that, I don't remember. It was the 90s.) I honestly don't remember what I put on that website. I think it was just a list of my favorite Pokémon. I remember putting a click counter at the bottom and constantly refreshing the page to see if it had gone up since the last time I checked.

It's been Quite A While since then. After eight years with Fantasy Flight Games and running a successful Kickstarter for my novel, The Key and the Crescent, I think this is about overdue. I'll be posting on here from time to time with announcements about new projects and whatever insights about writing and game design I feel qualified enough to give. There's also links where you can find and purchase any of the projects I've worked on (either personally or with Fantasy Flight Games).


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